Behind Twosoulsfootprints

Jerome and Janna are the bloggers of Twosoulsfootprints. They are both registered Nurse that are working in a Business Process Outsourcing company. They will make a blog regarding travels, food, and etc. So who are they? Why are they making this blog?


Jerome is an adventurous guy who wants to travel since he was a kid, the first travel that he went to without his family is on Borawan in Quezon Province, this is when he realized that he really loves to travel and see all the beautiful places around the Philippines and the world. Jerome also loves to ride on his motorcycle to travel around different places. Jerome also loves to share all his experience in traveling and he always shares this to his friends and family so they will be encouraged to travel where Jerome has been to before.


Janna loves traveling as well. She’s been to some places when she was a kid. She is also a foodie and an avid makeup fan. So this blog might be a cross breed of travel, food, and makeup blogs. We really want to share our experience with our travels and everything under the sun related to our passion,¬†that’s why we came up with the idea of doing or writing blogs. We hope that the info that we’ll share soon about our travels and experience will encourage people to travel as well and enjoy life.

Because they always want to share to everyone their passion, experiences, and hobbies, they manage to think, “why not make a blog?” so they made this blog to share all of it with everyone.

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