Biak Na Bato
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Biak Na Bato: An Unplanned Trip

As the titled said, this is really an unplanned trip at Biak na Bato. The place where we really need to go is really at Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola, but Waze brought us here. Instead of going to Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola, we just decided to continue our trekking here.


Where is Biak na Bato?

Biak Na Bato Map
Picture taken from google map

Biak na Bato National Park is one of the historical sites that are located at San Miguel Bulacan here in the Philippines. It is also a national park as it was declared last 1937 by President Manuel Luis Quezon. The National Park has a total area of 2,117 hectares.


History of Biak na Bato


I’m not good at history but this what I learned at Biak na Bato. The national park was the place where the first president of the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo, hides during the Philippine revolution against the Spanish Empire.  This is also a place where the first president signed the Provisional Constitution for Biak na Bato Republic where it states about the separation of the Philippines from Spanish Monarchy that created the Philippine Republic.


How to go to Biak Na Bato


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You can ride a bus bound to Cabanatuan from Cubao. You can ride Baliwag, Five Star, Golden bee and ES Transport. Make sure that the bus will not take SCTEX as it will not be routed near San Miguel Bulacan.

Alight at St. Paul San Miguel then rode a tricycle going to Biak Na Bato. Bus price range from Cubao is from Php 110 – Php 120 and tricycle is Php 150 to Php 200 and it depends on your haggling skills.


Our trip to Biak Na Bato




We rode our motorcycles when we went to Biak-Na-Bato National Park. From Meycauayan Bulacan, it only took us two hours to reach the park. Waze took us here. We were planning to leave the park at that time but decided not to as no one from our group has been here before, so why not try it?


Biak Na Bato


Actually, the National Park did not fail us. There are a lot of great rock formations and caves and we also learn some history from our guides. We really can’t imagine that our first president manages to live and sleep in those dark and creepy caves.


Yungib II Cave


Yungib Cave II


Yungib Cave III


Yungib Cave III Biak na Bato


This is also called the Hospital cave, this is the place where the Katipuneros being treated whether they have been shot or injured against the Spaniards or who got sick.


Imbakan Cave


Imbakan Cave Biak na Bato


Imbakan Cave Biak na Bato


Imbakan Cave Biak na Bato


This is the place where Katipuneros stored their foods, ammunition, weapons and other supplies.


Tanggapan Cave


Tanggapan Cave


Tanggapan Cave Biak na Bato


Tanggapan Cave Biak na Bato


This is the place where they recruit new members as Katipuneros. Our guide told us that new members will be blind folded then Katipuneros will bring them here.


Ambush Cave


Ambush Cave Biak na Bato


Ambush Cave at Biak na Bato
It’s so dark that you can only see the light on your phone and flashlight.


This is the scariest place for people who have phobias against darkness. The place is really dark and our guide told us and when our guide turns off all the flash lights, you can’t literally see anything it is like closing your eyes. The place is where the Katipuneros ambush the Spanish.


Pahingahan Cave


Pahingahan Cave Biak na Bato


Pahingahan Cave
This cave is so small that you don’t need to enter inside just to see everything


This is a small cave and a place for the Katipuneros to take a quick rest.


Bahay Paniki Cave


Bahay Paniki Cave at Biak na Bato


Bahay Paniki Cave Biak na Bato


Also called the “Bat Cave” but this is not Batman’s cave. This is the largest cave that we manage to see on this trip but we did not manage to enter because we might get stranded as you need to cross the river to reach this place and it was raining at that time. This is the home of thousand of bats in the area.


Aguinaldo Cave

Aguinaldo Cave Biak na Bato


Aguinaldo Cave Biak na Bato

This is where Emilio Aguinaldo stays and his office here at Biak Na Bato. The place is now flooded by the river and you can actually swim here.


After the hike and spelunking, we take a dip in the river before going home.


Biak na Bato


Biak na Bato




  • Make sure to follow your guide.
  • Be careful when you’re inside the cave as you might hit your head with some low hanging rocks.
  • Be careful as well when entering caves to prevent slips and falls.
  • Make sure to bring your own flashlight as the guide only gave us two.
  • Ask the guide to tell you history about the place to learn more about Biak na Bato.

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