Coron Part 2: An Ineffable Gem

This is part two of our Coron blog. You can check out the first part here: Coron Part 1: An Ineffable Gem.

We started our 2nd day by eating our free breakfast at Coron Ecolodge.

Veggie Omelet with orange and bread on (left); Longganisa with orange (right).


We waited for the tour arranged by Cheaptravelph to fetch us, the Calamianes Expeditions Ecotours, and met up with the people who’re also part of the tour. After signing in with the captain, we rode in our boat and our voyage began.


Our initial stop was supposed to be Coron Youth Club Beach or CYC, but it was too crowded and our boat can’t park near the shore. Instead, we went to…

C o r a l   G a r d e n .

This is the first stop of our Coron Island tour, and a must-do here is snorkeling and coral-viewing. If you weren’t able to bring your own snorkeling gear, the travel agency in Coron offers them (for rent) at a certain price. Snorkeling at Coral Garden is a great experience. Sadly, the strong waves were pushing us back, so the accessible spots where there were a lot of corals were limited.

No photos were taken here at Coral Garden (sorry).

Next stop is…

C Y C   B e a c h .


They said that it’s the best beach in Coron, and they were right. The water there’s clear and clear, and it’s not that deep as well. We had so much fun in this little island that we didn’t even mind the scorching heat of the sun.


We’re underwater, yet the shot was so clear.

After CYC Beach, our next destination was:

H i d d e n   L a g o o n .


Before going to Hidden lagoon, we planned to eat our lunch first but our guide told us that  a low tide might occur and we need to go there as soon as possible because it was inaccessible during such conditions. The place had a great scenery as you are surrounded by limestones and mangroves. It’s also a perfect swimming spot, but a word of advice: don’t wander near the mangroves -our guide told us that there’re a lot of jellyfishes near those trees. Most of them are located there, actually.

K a l a c h u c h i   C o r a l   E d e n .

Don’t judge the rock by it’s outside appearance, try looking underwater.






Lunch time! Everyone was hungry at that time. After arriving at Kalachuchi Coral Eden, we had lunch first then walked around the the shore to take photos.


Patrick Star also joined us while were eating!

We thought that all the snorkeling sights are by the shore as there are a lot of it nearby.

The Kalachuchi Coral Eden is the rock on the right side


After lunch, we were brought just near this rock formation where the Kalachuchi Coral Eden really is. Once the boat was anchored, we were told to go down in the area where the color of the water is dark blue. This already left an impression of the water’s depth: really deep. We weren’t advised to go down on the other side of the boat because the water there’s a bit shallow and we might hit a coral or sea urchin. Diving in to the dark blue waters, it scared the hell out of us of how deep it was (you can’t see the bottom!). We swam immediately near the corals so our fears would fade. This made us feel at ease, erasing the dread and enjoying the majestic view of the sea creatures and corals.

Later on, the company of our new marine friends enabled us to conquer our fears that we even managed to look below the abyss.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our last stop was:

K a y a n g a n   L a k e


The famous Kayangan Lake

This is the most visited place in Coron. In fact, most of the photos that you see in the web when you search the province had been taken here. After arrival, you have to climb 150+ steps just to get to the other side to swim on the lake. It’s a tiring experience as the ladders are so steep, but it’ll disappear the moment your eyes land on the clean and clear Kayangan Lake. This place is a snorkeling and a swimming site. Be careful though, this lake is also deep (it won’t be as scary as the experience in Kalachuchi Coral Eden, rest assured). You can see a lot of limestones surrounding the lake and underneath it.



We found a cave!


With the famous photo bomber.

Fresh coconut for refreshment.


The tour was over, unfortunately, and went back to our respective accommodations. The day of our departure, we bought souvenirs, went to Francisco B. Reyes Airport, and rode a plane going back to Manila.

We’re going home!

The worst thing we experience in Coron is leaving that place. A real ineffable beauty so enticing that you don’t even want to go home anymore. We’ll surely be back here for more adventures.

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