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Coron Part 1: An Ineffable Gem

A lot of people want to see and go to Coron. This place was our dream vacation after countless photos filled our news feed. Of course, the dream became a reality once we decided to go there for our  first anniversary last April 2016.


Coron palawan


Coron is one of the best islands in the Philippines (It’s in Palawan, so expect nothing less!) No words are enough to describe the sheer beauty of this island. It’s ineffable.





The trip was planned 3 months prior. We decided to look for a travel agency to book for our accommodations, airfare and tour and later found ourselves under the care of cheaptravelph. Check their website here and their Facebook here. They provided a package of hotel, airfare, airport transfer and tour for 3 days and 2 nights.  We asked them to book for a cheap flight for us given our busy schedules preventing us from doing it personally, and they managed to find an airfare for us via Skyjet and Cebu Pacific.


Traveling to Coron.

After we arrive at Busuanga, someone is waiting to pick us up outside the airport. We were transferred to our hotel which is at Coron Ecolodge by van.


Inside Skyjet


Touch down!


On our way going to Coron town.
On our way going to Coron town.


Our 1st day in Coron.

The first thing  we did after checking in is to get some grub. We asked the receptionist in Coron Ecolodge and suggested  Winnie’s, 3-5 minutes away from our hotel. Aside from being a walking distance, the restaurant won our heart with their delicious food (The chicken tinola dish is a must try!)


Winnie’s Restaurant at Coron
Winnie’s Restaurant


With our appetites satisfied and our bodies well rested (from a well-deserved power nap), we started our DIY town tour. Beforehand, we already planned an itinerary to maximize our time on our first day, and the first one on the list  is  Lhualhati Park.


Lhualhati Park
Lhualhati Park


15 minutes away from the Ecolodge, there’s nothing much to do here aside from looking at  nearby islands and eat street foods. You can clearly see the Coron Island where a large part of the tour will takes place. There’s also a zip line  on this park but we didn’t try it.


Selfie at Lhualhati Park


After a few minutes of staying and eating snacks we rode a tricycle going to:


Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas
Mt. Tapyas


Mt. Tapyas is one of the mountains that you can hike in Coron Town. There’s a ladder that’ll help you climb the mountain, consisting of 700+ steps, proving the land form’s imposing height. But rest assured, there are benches along the way for you to rest. After reaching the top, your energy will be recharged from being welcomed by such a great scenery – a great view of the town and the different islands of Coron.

Mt. Tapyas
View deck!


cross at Mt. Tapyas
The famous cross at Mt. Tapyas


Overlooking at Coron Town
Overlooking at Coron Town


Looking at the great scenery at Mt. Tapyas
Looking at the great scenery.


Sunset at Coron Palawan


A 15 minute-rest later, we crossed out Mt. Tapyas from our itinerary and preapred for our next escapade: Maquinit Hot Spring


Maquinit Hot Spring
Sorry about the picture, we don’t have a good camera that we can use during the night.And this is the only picture of the hot spring that we managed to capture.


When traveling to Maquinit Hot Spring, you might get scared on the way especially during the night where everything is just dark and eerie, and the bumpy road does no help calming our nerves. No street lights, no houses, you won’t be able to see anything aside from the light coming from the tricycle we’re riding in. Thankfully, once you reach the hot spring, lights are present.

A good way to unwind from a strenuous activity such as mountain climbing is going to the hot spring, where one can relieve those aching muscles on your feet and give you a refreshing feeling. Just be very careful as the water’s so hot (we were told it’ about 38-42 degree Celsius!). We suggest that you don’t stay submerged in the water for a long time as it might cause some problems to your body. The advisable time for you to stay in the hot spring is up to a maximum time of an hour. But this wasn’t the case with us, as we couldn’t even stay submerged for more than 10 minute-mark. When entering, the staff will also ask you for any illness you’re having right now as a precautionary measure from the spring’s heat.


Maquinit Hot Spring

Maquinit Hot Spring

Maquinit Hot Spring



Maquinit Hot Spring
Going to the hot spring.




Goofing around Maquinit Hot Spring

Maquinit Hot Spring


For dinner, we went directly to Lolo Nonoy’s Restaurant and ordered Sinigang na Hipon (another must try!).

Lolo Nonoy's food station


Special Thanks to Kuya Dennis, the tricycle driver that we hired for the trip in Coron Town. (He also recommended Lolo Nonoy’s.) Salamat po ulit, Kuya Dennis!

Contact No:  09398195844.

Kuya Dennis

This will be the End of Part 1 of Coron: An Ineffable Gem.


Check out Coron Part 2 HERE!

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