Place to stay @ Baler: Woodshack

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a good accommodation for groups, especially if you are more than 10 people. Normally, you’d find some offering 4 people in one room, but additional charges come in once it exceeds the requirement. We counted our lucky stars, and found one of our temporary home-sweet-homes in Baler, the Woodshack.


While looking for a place to stay during our Baler trip, Janna’s cousin came to the rescue and suggested a cabin called Woodshack, a 5 minute-walk away from Sabang Beach. At first sight, it’ll be brushed off as quite small for our group (19 people) that you’d be surprised of how spacious the rooms are. In fact, all of us fit in one room! To date, there are two rooms available at the cabin, one of which is air-conditioned (we managed to bag that one!)


Captured from the 2nd floor


Surfing boards

These are not for rent. This is property of the owner and also their friends.




Here’s our room (it’s already messed up since the pic was taken on our 2nd day).


Our beds


The kitchen and dining area


Sink at the left and bathroom at the right

If you have doubts, the lavatories are squeaky clean!




Stickers on the bathroom doors, pretty sweet huh?



Bronix, one of the owners, is really friendly and helpful. He kept tabs in case we need something.

With Sir Bronix


For reservations, you can look for Sir Bronix (Cell: 0917-748-0601).

You can also check their Facebook page here.

You can watch the video of our Baler trip here.


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